we’re more than a recruitment platform; we’re a movement that starts by

eliminating artificial intelligence in hiring to counteract bias, foster inclusivity, and reduce economic inequality

our hope is to counter the outrage often seen on social media, and instead promote understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect

The Inclusive Strategy

Start with jobs

At Inclusive Network, we strategically initiated our mission addressing inequities within recruiting, as biased hiring processes notably impact labor markets, restricting economic mobility and perpetuating societal divisions. Studies reveal these biased practices disproportionately affect marginalized communities, exacerbating economic and social disparities. Our broader strategy is to leverage inclusion to rectify these and other systemic issues, enabling transformative change across business landscapes and society at large

Inclusion for change

Leveraging inclusion for change, we aim to create ripple effects extending beyond the labor market. A diverse, inclusive society fosters innovation, broadens perspectives, and nurtures harmony. Our inclusive movement, emboldened by shared goals, can impact education, environmental justice, and healthcare, where disparate access and outcomes often mirror those in recruitment. By shifting these paradigms, we envision a more inclusive and equitable world where diversity is not just respected, but celebrated

Build an inclusion moat

Inclusion acts as our fortification against the potential misuse of AI. Inclusive Network, through its unified user base, aims to curb the risks posed by unbridled AI, beginning with the labor market. We envision an inclusive moat, repelling disinformation campaigns powered by AI, which can propagate division and create artificial culture wars. Together, we can safeguard communities, ensuring AI serves as a tool for unity, not discord


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