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Inclusive is challenging the status quo of AI driven hiring and indifference.  


Join us on our mission, as we foster a new era of recruitment where every voice has a chance to be heard, every talent has an opportunity to shine, and everyone is included.

Whether you belong to a marginalized class or not, if you’ve ever felt overlooked, underestimated, or excluded, our platform is designed with you in mind. 

AI and Applicant Tracking Systems in Recruiting

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On average, 75% of resumes never get past the intitial screen - which includes applicant tracking systems
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of Forutne 500 companies use an applicant tracking system and their now developing wider recruiting use cases by leveraging ChatGPT
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Today the average resume that gets beyond the AI algorithms receives 7.4 seconds of attention; this human gatekeeper is now getting replaced by secondary AI algroithms
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One corporate survey found that 70% of employers are using AI enabled tools to scan candidate's social media profiles as a mechanism for applicant rejection


Ignite a Movement in Hiring

Join us in tapping into a diverse talent pool often sidelined by algorithms. 

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3 Steps to Human-Driven Hiring

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Exhausted from cold, automated processes? We feel you. As AI expands its role in our careers – from hiring to firing – it’s time we reclaim worker rights.

By ensuring everyone gets a fair shot today, we’re securing our voice for tomorrow; in the workplace, on climate change, and at the ballot box. The system’s been rigged, but together, we can reset the balance and champion the overlooked

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